Holiday Mindset

How do you want to feel this holiday season?

The holiday season can be a wonderful and joyous time of year, but also stressful too! The numerous social gatherings, the tempting food and drink, and the change in weather can take a toll on even the strongest health routines. For some there’s a fear of gaining weight which leads to questions about what January 1st is going to look like. You ask yourself “Is it even worth trying to keep up with my routines this year?”

Our mindset, the way that we frame our thoughts and how we set goals can have a lot to do with shaping our actions that follow. Consider these scenarios:

Scenario 1: Imagine getting through the holiday season and come January 1st feeling down (again?) because your weight is up, you feel crummy, and you have to rebuild your routines all over again. 


Scenario 2: Imagine waking up on January 1st and feeling great, accomplished and energized. You met or surpassed the goals that you set for yourself this season.

  • How do you feel in each of these scenarios?
  • What’s the difference in your thinking for scenario 2?
    • You left room for planning and goal setting vs. giving up.
    • You brought optimism and potentially more enjoyment to the season, and beyond.
    • You redirected any ‘all or nothing’ thinking.
    •   The holidays themselves, or individual events account for only a small fraction of the food and drink that we eat over the next few weeks. It’s possible to celebrate and enjoy the day AND keep your healthy routines all in one season

What are your goals for the upcoming holiday season?

  • To lose weight? 
  • To maintain weight? 
  • To feel accomplished in whatever it is you choose?

Consider what you will need to do to support this feeling. Make a list of all your ideas:

  • Walking, planning ahead, tracking intake, continuing to use protein shakes, taking time to de-stress, getting to bed earlier, preparing healthier desserts, making fewer dishes, taking a day or two off before major holidays, making time for yourself.

Keep your list visible to you at all times. Consider if setting small, short term goals will help to guide you.

  • Write it down, keep it in your phone or next to your bed, review it often.