Weight and Wellness Center


Using an implantable device for weight loss management

The Weight and Wellness Center is a lead investigator in the EMPOWER clinical research study that is being conducted at selected Centers of Excellence in the US. It is testing a new medical/surgical device called VBLOC Therapy that includes an implantable device and an external belt device to control weight loss.

The study is being conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of VBLOC Therapy. Patients receive implantation of the investigational device and participate in a medical weight management program. This program provides education and advice on diet, exercise and behavior modification to assist in meeting weight loss goals.

Unlike other types of bariatric surgery that alter the stomach's anatomy, VBLOC Therapy is delivered by an implantable, investigation device intended to block signals carried on the vagus nerve between the brain and the digestive system that controls sensation of hunger satisfaction and fullness.

VBLOC Therapy includes both external and implanted components. It may also be turned off and is designed to be reversible, programmable and non-invasively adjustable.

The EMPOWER study is currently closed to new participants.