Weight and Wellness Center

Bariatric Surgery Fellowship Program

The Bariatric Surgery Fellowship at Tufts Medical Center began as a fully laparoscopic program in 2002 and remains one of the oldest, largest, high volume academic centers in New England. All program faculty are dedicated to Bariatric Surgery and the education and training of one to two Bariatric Fellow(s) per year.

The Bariatric Fellowship volume includes:

  • Primary restrictive and malabsorptive cases
  • Laparoscopic revisional cases
  • IRB approved research procedures
  • The full spectrum of supplemental procedures such as lap assisted ERCPs in post bypass patients, diagnostic laparoscopies for internal hernias, laparoscopic RYGBP reversal procedures

Caring for a range of patients

We are a tertiary referral center for complex bariatric patients and accept all Bariatric patients in need (those who have had remote surgery, surgery abroad, or any acute complication regardless of who or where the surgery was performed). We provide second opinions and consistently approach complex procedures such as leaks, obstructions and resections of marginal ulcers via a laparoscopic approach. We are involved in new technologies and are the principle center for our current VBLOC trial.

We are, and have always been, a very “hands on” program. All faculty members perform the standard procedures utilizing similar operative techniques and equipment as well as utilizing universal Bariatric peri-operative and post-operative pathways which are under continuous evaluation and review. This allows for a very streamlined approach and quicker learning curve for both our residents and Fellows in terms of operative competency as well as peri-operative and post operative care issues.

Although the fellow is given autonomy and encouraged to develop independent thought and function, the staff surgeons are very involved in the care of the Bariatric patients. We encourage discussion regarding the clinical assessment and treatment plan of a patient and will continue to push each Fellow further as the year progresses in regards to options, risks and benefits. We will also try to instill a sense of ownership while providing a buffer of 24-hour supervision as all faculty members are dedicated to patient care, are available and responsive to any and all urgent issues.

Our faculty have been directly involved in creating American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Obesity standards of education and incorporate these recommended core curriculum topics into our structured fellowship program. We have successfully trained 7 Bariatric Fellows who are now all in full time practice. All graduating fellows were involved in clinical research that resulted in speaking engagements, presentations at national and international meetings.