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The Center of Excellence

Mission statement

The Center of Excellence for Research, Evidence Based Practice and Innovations at Tufts Medical Center & The Floating Hospital for Children integrates and aligns with the Nursing Professional Practice Model and the Organization’s Mission and Vision for world class patient and family centered care. We are committed to promoting excellence in care together with patients, families, colleagues and partnerships. Four interdependent goals serve as guidance for ensuring that clinical practice is ground in science, evidence based practice, and innovations.

Our goals

The Center is designed to foster and promote a setting for nurses and patient care service members to submit ideas and projects that improve the delivery of care for patients.

  1. Excellence in Patient & Family Centered Care: Develop and promote the use of measures for promoting excellence in patient and family centered outcomes. Promote and implement strategies to improve patient health, preferences and satisfaction.
  2. Excellence in Nursing Science: Implement infrastructure that promotes and sustains new nursing knowledge and science. Support initiatives and research that promote a healthy workforce, environment and a just culture.
  3. Excellence in Innovation: Create opportunity for conducting new interprofessional knowledge. Promote interprofessional innovations with research based outcomes and foster lifelong learning among disciplines. Partner with others for innovation.
  4. Excellence in Organizational Outcomes: Assist in the review of hospital data related to quality of care indicators and outcomes. Promote evidence based practice and research among colleagues, affiliates and academics.