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New Graduate Nurse Program

The sixteen-week orientation program transitions a new graduate nurse into readiness for practice using a four-phase curriculum. It is not a residency program, but rather, one that progresses the nurse into readiness for practice through mentorship, guidance, and support.

The nurse is able to build relationships with the organization, the division, the unit, self, patients and families for the delivery of safe quality care. Each phase consists of four weeks that builds upon the other.

  • Phase I consists of acclimating the nurse to the organization’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Phase II correlates to the NOFCCs and their meaning in practice. Clinical experiences begin with observations and gradually progress to the caring of simple to moderate complex patient cases within the units.
  • Phase III and Phase IV consists of promoting the knowledge, skills, and attributes for care delivery, advancing the nurses towards the ability to provide complex care gradually through assignments on the units and includes evidence based and quality improvement projects.