Nursing Professional Development

Using the ACE STAR Model of Evidence Based Practice and the Nursing Professional Development Model as the heart and essence of who we are and how we practice, a pathway for professional develop was developed. As a nurse or leader, we enter the pathway initially at orientation, whether we are new to the organization or transitioning into a new role.

As an individual nurse moves through the pathway of professional growth, we ensure continuing education opportunities that facilitate exploration of new knowledge that can scaffold onto existing knowledge. This expanded knowledge allows a greater opportunity to enhance alignment with our priorities and goals. The nurse gains knowledge, skills and attributes that facilitate the requirements we must maintain as an organization and to enhance our quality patient outcomes.

As the nurse moves through the pathway, there is opportunity to build sustainability through succession planning. Career advancement engages nurses within a trajectory as leaders, teachers, advocates and innovators. Using this pathway, allows individuals a lattice movement of professional growth and the building of new knowledge and evidence that add to the science and practice of nursing and quality patient care.