Leadership Care Team

Exceptional care requires an experienced team. The Department of Nursing at Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children is helmed by a group of extremely skilled nursing professionals. Together, we share our commitment to optimal health, research, training and education with our patients, colleagues and students.

Terry Hudson-Jinks is Chief Nursing Officer at Tufts Medical CenterTherese Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN
Interim CEO
Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services at Tufts Medical Center

Terry has clinical and operational oversight over the Adult Critical Care , and CardioVascular & Neuro Sciences patient care areas.  She is a long standing member of the Tufts Medical Center leadership team, having worked within Critical Care at Tufts for 24 years.  She is passionate about highly reliable systems ensuring safe patient care delivery, and currently is a leader on many priority safety initiatives at the Medical Center.

Terry received her BSN in Nursing and her BS in Biology from Simmons College and her Masters in Nursing Administration from Salem State College. She is a 2009 Fellow of the Center for Collaborative Leadership, College of Management, UMass Boston.

Justin Precourt is Executive Director for Patient Care ServicesJustin Precourt, RN, MSN
Interim Chief Nursing Officer
Executive Director for Patient Care Services

Justin is the Executive Director for Patient Care Services. Justin has clinical and operational oversight of the Cardiovascular Center, Neurosciences Center, Adult Intensive Care and Inpatient Surgical Services.  Justin joined Tufts in 2014 and his passion is creating a healing environment for patients and families that produces the best clinical outcomes and an exceptional patient experience.

Justin graduated from Northeastern University with a BSN in 1999, and from Saint Joseph’s College with a MSN in 2009.



Heidi Waitkus is the Executive Director for Patient Care ServicesHeidi Waitkus, MBA, RN, OCN

Executive Director of Patient Care Services

Heidi joined Tufts Medical Center in the spring of 2010. Her nursing career encompasses outstanding clinical skills and strong leadership capabilities within multidisciplinary multicultural healthcare settings. Extensive background in clinical operations, nursing leadership and project management that exhibits excellent communication skills and has the ability to lead a team and build a business. She also has skills in performance improvement, staff development, program planning, and operations management. Heidi has recognized accomplishments in innovative strategies to improve organizational effectiveness.



Mary Beth Williams is the executive director of patient care services at Tufts MC.Mary Beth Williams R.N., M.N.
Executive Director for Patient Care Services

Mary Beth is responsible for all pediatric and perinatal nursing at Floating Hospital for Children as well as adult psychiatry, nutrition and child life services at Tufts Medical Center.

Mary Beth joined Tufts Medical Center in 2010 with extensive clinical and leadership experience in some of the most prestigious academic medical centers in the nation for pediatric nursing. Areas of focus include patient-focused/ family-centered care; interdisciplinary care models; shared governance for nursing; and child advocacy. She has published and presented nationally on these topics.



Rhodora Reynado is Director of Finance OperationsRhodora Reynado RN, MSN, MBA, MSE
Director, Finance Operations

Rhodora has been a member of the Nurse Executive team at Tufts Medical Center since 2009. She previously held positions at Boston Medical Center and Detroit Medical Center. She is experienced in providing leadership and expertise on finance, staffing and scheduling, patient acuity and information management to nursing services.

Rhodora has developed and managed productivity monitoring systems as well as budget development and monitoring tools. She has received her advanced degrees from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University.