Patient + Family Services

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Waiting areas

Tufts Medical Center offers family waiting areas that provide comfortable settings in which family members may talk or rest, away from a patient’s room. These waiting areas are located throughout the hospital. Additionally, you can contact your doctor or nurse if you need additional assistance or other places to wait. All waiting areas have wireless Internet access.

Places to eat

Hungry? There are a lot of options inside the hospital and near Tufts Medical Center. We’ve put together a list of the restaurants, cafes and eateries nearby.

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Sometimes family members need to stay nearby while we care for their loved ones. If you need a place to stay, we’ve put together a few comfortable housing options for you.

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The unit secretary can direct you or your visitors to 24-hour ATM banking facilities:

  • Sovereign Bank ATM – Floating Plaza Level in the Floating Hospital at 755 Washington Street
  • Bank of America ATM – Between Tufts Medical Center’s North Building first floor corridor outside the Walter M. and Dorsey S. Cabot Emergency Department
  • Bank of America ATM – Farnsworth Building at 171 Harrison Avenue
  • Citizen’s Bank ATM – 3rd floor level of the Atrium

Religious and spiritual support

We’re there for you during life’s most difficult moments. Tufts Medical Center offers onsite religious and spiritual support for patients and their families. If you’re interested in this type of support during your stay, please talk to your nurse or doctor.

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Ethics consultation services

The Ethics Consultation Service is available to assist families who may be facing difficult decisions regarding the care of their loved one. To speak with someone to help you with decisions or to arrange a formal Ethics Consultation, Please have the Page Operator (617-636-5111) page #1211 or leave a message at 617-636-2500.