Cost Estimate

Costs for hospital services and procedures vary among healthcare providers based in several factors, including whether they are an academic medical center, a teaching hospital, a community service provider and other factors.

Tufts Medical Center provides specific cost estimates for patients. 

Contact the Financial Coordination office at 617-636-6013 or send a request via email to with your question.

Self-Service Price Estimate Tool

This tool provides an estimate of your cost for 300 common hospital services and procedures based on insurance coverage or self-pay options.

Please note: At this time a self-service estimate for Medicare is not available and not required under the Price Transparency rules. If you wish to obtain an estimate, please select the Search Now button or call 781-620-4704.

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Price Transparency/Machine Readable File

The machine-readable digital file contains our gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer-specific negotiated charges, and de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges for all items and services provided by the hospital.

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Updated: November 2023

In situations where a patient does not have insurance, patients may be eligible for free or reduced cost of health care services through various state public assistance programs as well as the hospital financial assistance programs (including but not limited to MassHealth, the premium assistance payment program operated by the Health Connector, the Children’s Medical Security Program, the Health Safety Net, and Medical Hardship). Such programs are intended to assist low-income patients taking into account each individual’s ability to contribute to the cost of his or her care. For those individuals that are uninsured or underinsured, the hospital will, when requested, help them with applying for either coverage through public assistance programs or hospital financial assistance programs that may cover all or some of their unpaid hospital bills. You can find more information on our financial assistance policies by clicking here or by calling and speaking or speak to a financial counselor at 617-636-6013.

The list of charges is the same for all patients. However, the total charges for an individual patient often vary from one patient to another for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • How long it takes to perform the service or how long it takes you to recover in the hospital;
  • Whether the service or procedure you receive is more or less difficult than expected;
  • What kinds of medication you require;
  • Whether you experience complications and need additional treatment; and/or
  • Other health conditions you may have that may affect your care.
As mentioned above, chargemaster amounts are almost never billed to a patient or received as payment by a hospital.

If you would like more information about what your care might cost you or the hospital’s financial assistance policy, please contact Tufts Medical Center Financial Coordination office at 617-636-6013 or send a request via email to

A Financial Coordinator will respond to you within two business days.

Please note that estimates provided are based on the information known at the time of the request.  All final charges are dependent on the decisions that were made by your healthcare team during your visit.

Your health plan can also help you to understand your insurance coverage, which charges will be covered, how much you will be billed, information on deductibles and your expected out-of-pocket responsibility.