Safety + Security

Our motto? Safety first

Protecting our patients and visitors is our top priority. That’s why public safety officers at Tufts Medical Center patrol the hospital 24 hours a day. Here’s how we handle public safety and security.

Entering the building

Weekend and holiday entrance to the hospital

In an effort to ensure the safety of our patients, their families/friends and our staff, we instituted special weekend and holiday times that the entrances of the hospital are open. Please see below for more detail: 

  • Entry from street/ground level:
    • From 8 pm Friday to 6 am Monday, all individuals coming to the Medical Center at street level should enter through the Emergency Department, 830 Washington Street.
    • The Atrium Lobby doors from Washington and Bennet streets will be locked.
    • Tufts Medical Center street-level access is open from 7 am–1 pm on Saturday only to allow access to Tufts Medical Center clinics and the MRI.
  • Biewend entrance:
    • The Biewend Building Lobby and entrance to Biewend from the main hospital/3rd floor crossover will be open for access to Biewend clinics from 6 am–1 pm on Saturday only.
  • Entry for those parking in Tremont Street Garage:
    • This will continue our current weekend practice:
    • Individuals entering  from the Tremont Street Garage have several options:
      • For those who use wheelchairs, strollers or are mobility-challenged they should take the garage elevator to Tufts Medical Center Plaza and use the phone next to Tufts Medical Center Plaza Level entrance to call Public Safety who can buzz them in.
      • Others can follow the same instructions above or can take the elevators to the Plaza or Ground Level depending on the elevator bank they use, and then cross the street to enter through the Emergency Department, 830 Washington Street.
      • From 6 am–1 pm Saturday, patients and visitors can use the 3rd Floor crossover garage entrance (stairs) to allow access to clinics.
  • All pediatric units are locked at all times. To enter, please ring the doorbell at the entrance of the unit and let staff know who you are and whom you are visiting.

    Protecting valuables

    Patients are encouraged to leave all valuables at home. Patients wishing to secure valuables during their stay may do so by requesting that medical staff contact Public Safety. Public Safety has a property protocol in place and a facility for storage.

    Have a question?

    For non-urgent calls, call Public Safety at 617-636-7700. In an emergency only, you may reach Public Safety 24 hours a day by calling 617-636-5100.