Your Room + Unit

A Peaceful and Calm Environment for Our Patients

At Tufts Medical Center, we want patients to enjoy quality health care in a comfortable, peaceful environment. If another patient, staff member, or visitor is too noisy, let someone on your care team know. Please also remember the other patients around you. By keeping conversations and TV volume low, you can make a huge difference in another person’s care experience.

Basic Necessities and Toiletries

When you are admitted, you will receive a personal hygiene packet that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, socks, and earplugs. Our gift shops and pharmacy (please refer to page 8 for location and hours) offer additional amenities you may need to make your stay more comfortable.

Internet Access/WiFi

Patients and visitors who come to Tufts Medical Center with a compatible WiFi device may use our internet service free of charge by connecting to the Guest Network “TuftsMedGuest.” Perform the following steps to connect to our WiFi:

  1. Using your device, locate the network “TuftsMedGuest” and select it.
  2. Wait for your browser to open and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Confirm you have a WiFi signal.
  4. Enjoy your complimentary internet access.

If you or a guest has trouble connecting to the network, please ask a staff member to call the Tufts MC Help Desk for support.

Using Your Telephone

Tufts Medical Center provide free television and telephone service to help make our patients’ stay more comfortable. 

To listen to information regarding phone and tv service, please dial 6-8900. Your phone will automatically activate when you pick up your handset. To place an outside call, dial 9, then 1 plus the 10 digit number you wish to call. 

Using Your Television

Your TV is ready for use. 

A channel guide is available on channel 40 and listed below. 

Channel Station ID
6 Nicktoons Jr.
9 28 UPN
11 56 WB
13 25 FOX
17 27 UNI
22 History
23 CNN
24 TBS
25 USA
26 A&E
27 Family
28 Disney
31 TNT
32 Cartoon
33 AMC
34 Discovery
40 Information
42 Newborn

Patient Room Service

We would like for you to have your meals when you want them, so we offer on-demand room service. You can order meals for delivery between 7 am and 6:30 pm by dialing 6-2222. Menus are available on your unit and from your meal server. Meals are delivered directly to you approximately 30 minutes from the time of your order. Boxed meals are available for patients after 6:30 pm. Please talk to the nursing staff about receiving a boxed meal.

Tip from a former patient: A kitchen and refrigerator are located on every patient floor, and they contain basics such as crackers, juices, water, milk and popsicles for the comfort and convenience of patients and family members. Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own food or store takeout or leftovers in the refrigerator. Just remember to label any items with your last name. 


We value clear communication with our patients. To assist with communication, each patient room is equipped with a dry-erase whiteboard. The whiteboard is used to list the names of the different members of your care team and the role each plays. It also contains your care plan for the day and the plan for discharge, and it provides a place for you or your family members to ask questions and leave pertinent information, such as cell phone numbers and important contact information.