Patient Information and Resources

What do I need for my appointment?

If you have an acoustic neuroma or other skull base tumor we recommend you bring any records and imaging you have available.  We also recommend bringing a friend or family member.  Write down any questions or topics you would like addressed and bring them to your appointment.

  • Prior medical records
  • Audiogram (hearing test) and any balance testing (VNG) results
  • Radiology imaging including the disk of your recent head scans
  • List of questions
  • Family member or friend


For additional online resources go to Acoustic Neuroma Association


What will my surgery be like?

Treatment varies widely depending on the size and location of your tumor as well as your personal health history.

We want to provide you with the most effective treatment while minimizing pain, risk and recovery time. We're so committed to minimally invasive surgery that we've dedicated an entire operating suite to the technology. This room is equipped with the latest high-definition endoscopes and operating microscopes along with ceiling-mounted screens so your surgeon can view your procedure from every angle.

Dr. Carl Heilman performing surgery

After surgery you'll receive exceptional treatment in our neurosurgical intensive care unit. The experienced doctors and nurses in this unit specialize in helping patients recover from brain surgery safely and comfortably.  Typically patients spend one night in the neurosurgical intensive care unit and two to three days on a surgical floor receiving personalized care from physical therapy and our team of experts to recover from your operation.