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Lifestyle Coaching Program for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Helping you take charge of your health

At Tufts Medical Center’s Lifestyle Coaching Program for Diabetes and Weight Loss, you will learn how to take charge of your health and make the diet and exercise changes needed to halt the progression of type 2 diabetes and prevent complications.

With this innovative program, we don’t just tell you what to do, we we work with you to make it happen. Together, we develop a plan of action based on what you like to eat and how you want to exercise. We then provide the support and encouragement that you need to stick with the plan.

This personal attention makes a difference. In fact, those who have completed at least three months of our program have lost an average of 10% of their body weight. And, for those with type 2 diabetes, one in three have achieved remission, with blood sugar levels at or near normal without medication.

Meet nutrition expert - Michael L. Dansinger, MD.

The program was developed and is led by Michael L. Dansinger, M.D., a nutrition consultant for NBC’s popular prime time weight loss competition, “The Biggest Loser.”

He is also nationally known for his ground breaking research comparing popular diets such as Atkins and Ornish. The results of his work showed that the success of a weight loss program is determined by how well a patient sticks to the plan rather than which one is used.

Dr. Dansinger personally meets with the patients in this program and uses his experience and research to help them develop and maintain their individualized plans.

How does the lifestyle coaching program work?

When you are referred to the Lifestyle Coaching Program through the Diabetes Center at Tufts Medical Center or by your own doctor, the first step is to develop a long-term health management plan with short-term achievable goals.

We show you how to modify your eating strategies and craft a diet that fits your medical condition, lifestyle and food preferences. You will also be asked to maintain a food diary, which has been shown to significantly contribute to the success of a weight loss program.

As you eat better, you will be encouraged to exercise more, which can help with weight loss and improve blood sugar and insulin levels. We will help you to find an effective combination of cardio vascular activities and weight resistance exercises.

Most importantly, we will work closely with you as you make these crucial lifestyle changes. During the first few months of the program, you will meet weekly with Dr. Dansinger to review your progress and address ongoing challenges. Even after these weekly visits, we will continue to monitor your progress and be available to help you reach your goals.

Michael L. Dansinger, MD, MS

Michael L. Dansinger, MD, MS

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