GRASP Center

Everyday Research Advancements

Tufts Medical Center’s Gastroenterology Research on Absorptive and Secretory Processes (GRASP) Center brings together scientists from throughout the Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine to conduct research on digestive diseases. The GRASP Center is one of 15 digestive diseases research centers in the US funded by the NIH.

Established in 1984, our practice consists of four core laboratories that support research of about 35-40 physician-researchers. These cores provide laboratory services, advice and expertise in state-of-the-art methods for basic research.

The GRASP Center also has pilot/feasibility funds to support new research in digestive diseases by seasoned and young researchers at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine. We also sponsor many research seminars and workshops throughout the year.

Andrew G. Plaut, MD, Director
Phone 2: 617-636-6249