Center for Health Equity Research (CHER)

The Center for Health Equity Research (CHER), directed by Dr. Chloe Bird addresses research disparities in health care, and diversity in the biomedical workforce.  Research on equity in science seeks to understand the factors associated with promoting and achieving diversity in biomedical careers.  This includes understanding the factors associated with the recruitment, promotion and retention of women and minority faculty in academic biomedical careers.  Research includes observations studies to understand the factors associated with promotion and advancement in biomedical careers, as well as intervention to address these issues.  The Program also addresses disparities in the delivery of health care, with major focus on care to women and minority communities.  Disparities in care are well documented in multiple racial and ethnic minority groups. Conditions in common between women and men have also demonstrated gender disparities in outcomes.  Our recent research focuses on interventions to reduce and eliminate these disparities.

Massachusetts Cure Breast Cancer license plate

Boston hospitals working together

Karen Freund, MD, speaks about a collaboration between Boston academic medical centers to reduce the outcomes gap between white and African American breast cancer patients and improve outcomes for all breast cancer patients.

Learn how hospitals are closing the treatment gap

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