A Day in the Life

Daily Schedule


Interns arrive, receive sign out from night float


Interns and Resident complete “Work Rounds”, often with pharmacy team member


Morning Report


Attending Rounds (including rotation specific teaching, radiology rounds)


Noon Conference; Medical Grand Rounds on Friday


Admissions, discharges, note writing, and opportunities for med student teaching


Interns sign out to night float


Night float coverage

*Long call is every fourth night; intern and resident admit until 8pm

**MICU call schedule is self-contained.  The MICU call schedule includes every fourth night 24 hour call for R2’s and R3’s.  There is no 24 hour call for interns.  
Residency terms


Morning Report utilizes live polling technology to create a broad range of differentials from audience participation

9a-10a Mon-Fri
Goal is to enhance house officers’ problem solving skills.  Most involve Case Presentations in an interactive forum 
Also include: Morbidity & Mortality Conferences aimed at Quality Improvement
Journal Club
Friday Morning Report - supervised by Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine

Noon Conferences
12p-1p Mon-Thurs
Includes: Intern Boot Camp during summer months
Ongoing Radiology, EKG, and Critical Care series
Remainder of conferences are dedicated to a variety of subspecialty and general medical topics  
Many designed for board preparation

Medical Grand Rounds
12p-1p Fri
A mix of guest lecturers, Tufts Medical Center faculty, and house staff present a wide variety of topics at Medical Grand Rounds.

Intern Academic Half Day
12:30p-2:30p Wed
Interns’ pagers are held by their respective residents while they attend dedicated 2 hours of teaching time.  Topics include ultrasound curriculum, bread and butter clinical topics, clinical reasoning, code/rapid response course, etc.

Other Conferences
Separate primary care conference schedules exist for house staff on clinic block rotations. These include some led by a practice based pharmacist.
All subspecialties have clinical conferences to which house staff are welcome.