Comprehensive Stroke Clinic

The Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Clinic is a comprehensive outpatient program centered on the therapeutic alliance between you and your Neurologist. In our clinic, you will work with a combination of one of our Stroke specialists and either our Nurse Practitioner or one of our Neurology resident physicians. Depending on your needs, we often add more members to your care team. Our goals are:

  1. To help you identify the cause of your stroke, your risk of having another stroke, and the best treatment for preventing future strokes.
  2. To identify any persistent symptoms or neurologic deficits that can benefit from rehabilitation or adaptive therapies.
  3. To identify and treat any late complications that result from having a stroke. Take our questionnaire so your Neurologist can evaluate you for Late Complications of Stroke (LCS).
  4. To help improve your overall health so that you don’t develop future strokes, heart disease, or other related conditions.
  5. To help you navigate your path after stroke.

In the background, our Stroke Nurse Navigator and Stroke Center Program Manager work with our team to smooth your transition between the hospital setting and the clinic by identifying potential needs, connecting services, and tracking your progress from step-to-step. You may also speak with our Administrative Assistant who can help schedule appointments and take messages for our physicians.

Our clinic is located on the 12th floor of the Biewend Building, 260 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111. The phone number for the clinic is (617) 636-5848.