Pharmacy Department

Services spanning inpatient & outpatient care

The Pharmacy Department provides oversight of medication selection and utilization for patients of Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital. We work closely with the medical and nursing staffs to make sure all medications are prescribed appropriately, are administered safely and work effectively.

Our team delivers highly compassionate and personalized care across two distinct areas:

  • Inpatient services: We advise doctors and nurses on prescribing decisions and monitoring patients throughout their hospital stay. Our pharmacists often see patients during doctors' rounds, answering questions about their medications, drug allergies, etc.
  • Outpatient services: We strive to make your transition back home a smooth one. Our team addresses all necessary details, including getting approvals from your insurance provider, to ensure you have the prescription you need before leaving the hospital. In addition, we take the time to review your prescription with you to make sure you can adhere to the medication regimen.

Each year, our department works with staff to review and optimize over 800,000 medication orders that lead to the production and distribution of over two million doses of medication for acutely ill patients. We also dispense over 110,000 outpatient prescriptions annually.

We're committed to your safety

The Pharmacy Department includes about 50 pharmacists along with roughly 40 technicians and support personnel across inpatient operations, two outpatient pharmacies and an infusion center.

Nearly half of our pharmacists have completed residency training, with several further specializing in a particular clinical area, such as pediatrics, cardiology or oncology. The wide range of clinical expertise is especially useful in a setting like ours, where we care for patients receiving multiple medications for medically complex diseases.

Our team collaborates with departments throughout Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital to improve patient safety. Technology is playing a major role in this regard. Computerized prescriber order entry, barcode-driven automation and other technology-driven initiatives help us boost safety and efficiency across all phases of medication use, from prescribing through monitoring.

Two other prominent examples of our efforts in the areas of collaboration and patient safety are:

  • Our facilitation of the Tufts MC Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, a medical staff committee that reviews and approves medications and their suggested uses
  • Our work with the Infectious Disease Department to oversee utilization of antibiotics to promote proper usage and address resistance challenges that come with overuse

Training & research are priorities for us

Educating the next generation of pharmacy professionals is an important part of our mission. Our Pharmacy Practice Residency — one of New England's oldest such programs — provides comprehensive training in all aspects of hospital pharmacy practice. Multiple members of our department have faculty appointments at Tufts University School of Medicine, and we also train students from the Northeastern University School of Pharmacy and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Finally, the Pharmacy Department actively supports the research agenda of Tufts MC. We have a presence on each of the institution's investigational review boards, which evaluate any proposed clinical study to verify it is ethical and answering a valid research question. Any approved study involving a medication is then managed by our department's Investigational Drug Service. We also initiate our own trials, typically in the area of practice-based research.