Current Fellows

First Year CAP Fellows:

Anjan Marella, MD
After my interview, I knew right away that I wanted to train at Tufts. During my interview day, I witnessed a collective effort to foster a positive training environment. After starting my fellowship, I am experiencing a nurturing training environment for myself. The collaborative training model that Tufts utilizes, promotes professional development while encouraging the fellow to grow at a comfortable individualized pace. The department and the faculty take a genuine interest in fellow wellness. Tufts provides an opportunity to manage highly atypical neurodevelopmental cases at CCSN, complex pediatric neurology cases alongside the pediatric neurology fellows, and intricate child and adolescence psychopharmacology cases with Dr. Sharma while individualizing each fellow learning experience to match their interests. We have the chance to work with patients and families with diverse backgrounds and psychopathologies. Tufts has a variety of specialty clinics such as Mood and Anxiety disorder clinic, ADHD clinic, Psychopharmacology clinic, and Trauma Clinic. Here at Tufts, I am encouraged to explore my interest in trauma-informed care and preventive psychiatry research. Given the chance, I would choose Tufts all over again. I can’t imagine training anywhere else after being part of a team that values my profession and personal growth without compromising excellent patient care.

Chayanin Jing Foongsathaporn, MD
In my final year of medical school, I rotated a one-month elective in the child and adolescent psychiatry consult-liaison service at Tufts, which provided me experiences in neurodevelopmental disorder, trauma, and family therapy. These experiences confirmed to me that child psychiatry is where my heart is. Even though COVID-19 has forced the department to undergo several changes, I have felt nothing but support and encouragement since the start of my fellowship training. Tufts has undoubtedly established a strong family-like environment, rooted in its exceptionally diligent and approachable faculty, that allows the program to thrive even in these uncertain times. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from renowned experts, such as Dr. John Sargent, and to strengthen my skills in family therapy and quality patient care. I am motivated to strive to improve myself both professionally and individually, while reinforcing the core values that Tufts embodies.

Second Year CAP Fellows:

Sandra Lucio, DO
Tufts was a clear choice for me after a memorable interview because of the genuine sense of caring and intellectual curiosity I observed in the faculty and fellows. This sense of support has only grown and deepened as I start my second year and start to prepare for graduation in the world of COVID-19. Both the department, CAP division, and the Tufts Institution demonstrated clear leadership with frequent communication and transparent decision making during the first stages of the pandemic. Additionally, our faculty volunteered in the emotional task force that kept an eye on the mental health of our staff, institution wide. My co-fellow and I contributed to this by creating an email newsletter to spread "Heartwarming Stories" to our department. In addition to transparent leadership, Tufts provides many opportunities to explore my scholarly and clinical interests, including mood/anxiety disorders, trauma, advocacy, teaching, and leadership. My passion for advocacy work is supported through an elective with Judge Baker Children’s Center and my interest in leadership is nurtured through my role as co-chief fellow and in our leadership seminar. Our staff and team of fellows, which includes triple board trainees, psychology, and social work interns, share a passion for strength-based learning that is encouraged both for our learners and for our patients. I am grateful to have joined the Tufts team with leaders who care about my growth and development as both a psychiatrist and an individual and I would come here all over again if I could. 

Marcia Wilson, DO
It was the warmth and sense of belonging I saw in attending and fellow physicians that drew me to Tufts. Since the start of fellowship, I have enjoyed working on multi-disciplinary teams to learn and provide care. Whether it’s delivering new neurodevelopmental diagnoses to children in the CCSN or partnering with pediatric subspecialists on cases, I feel like I am a part of a team. I am also delighted with the opportunity to learn from experts, such as Dr. John Sargent who teaches family therapy. Tufts further offers fellows an opportunity for rich mentorship and teaching through partnership with the medical school and psychiatry residency program. I have enjoyed teaching medical students in small groups as part of their “Introduction to Psychiatry” course supervised by Dr. Neha Sharma. At Tufts, I am additionally able to pursue my special interest of working with children and adolescents with communication difficulties; such as those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have neurodevelopmental disorders. If you imagine it, Dr. Neha Sharma and the Tufts team can help make your goals happen. My passion for better understanding differences in communication was supported during my inspiring elective with Dr. Sanjay Gulati, co-author of the book “Mental Health Care of Deaf People: A Culturally Affirmative Approach.” I have enjoyed collaborating as a faculty mentor for the Tufts Medical School ASL Health Initiative and with my co-fellow on our "Heartwarming Stories" newsletter to our department. At the end of each day, I feel I can leave work feeling blessed to be in a fellowship that further empowers me to provide quality care to patients and their family.