Telehealth: Online or by phone

Schedule a telehealth appointment

To make a virtual appointment with your doctor, call your doctor’s main office number and COMING SOONrequest a doctor's appointment online and select "Telemedicine". Your doctor will determine if you or your child meet the criteria to be seen via a telehealth appointment. Every patient’s health needs are unique, so this will be determined on a case by case basis. Many patients will be qualified for a telehealth appointment and if that is the case you will be scheduled, just like being scheduled for an in-person appointment. You will receive a communication via email with instructions for how to conduct the visit electronically.

Frequently asked questions

Are telehealth visits covered by my insurance? 

Most insurance companies and state regulations have expanded the use of telehealth video and audio visits due to the current national state of emergency. You should reach out to your insurance provider for specifics to your plan. 

Any tips to make my telehealth appointment go smoothly?

Please make sure you are in a quiet, private place with access to a good internet connection. It is also helpful to have good lighting so that your provider is able to see you.