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Denise H. Daudelin, RN, MPH

Training + Education Boston University
Gender Female
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Denise Daudelin, RN, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health and a Research Scientist with experience in building the capacity of researchers, community, and hospital-based clinicians and hospital staff to use quality improvement methods to address barriers to effective and efficient clinical care and research.

As an Investigator and Project Director for several quality improvement demonstration projects, she has worked with hospitals, emergency medical service agencies, and researchers to develop measures of healthcare quality and to achieve improvements in healthcare delivery. She conducted an 18 organization quality Improvement learning collaborative with the MA Department of Public Health and developed Health Information Technology to improve quality care.

Before joining the Center for Cardiovascular Health Services Research, Ms. Daudelin was Director of Outcomes Analysis and Quality Improvement at Tufts-NEMC, where she developed and implemented operational QI and patient safety programs, co-developed QI and Resource Utilization software, and worked with clinicians to evaluate incidences and causes of medical errors.

Currently, she directs a research project developing mathematical models to predict the outcomes of knee replacement surgery with an emphasis on patient and stakeholder involvement in research and shared decision making.

Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies
Tufts Medical Center
35 Kneeland Street, 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02111