Clinical Trials

Find an Open Clinical Trial or Study

We encourage you to discuss study opportunities fully with your doctor and study team before participating to make sure you completely understand all of the activities that will take place during the study and all of the potential risks. 

Please search our clinical trial database regularly if you don’t find a study today in your area of interest. To receive an email if a clinical trial in your chosen area becomes available, please fill out our brief Clinical Trials Information Request form.

Why Volunteer for a Clinical Trial at Tufts Medical Center?

Doctors and other researchers at Tufts Medical Center never stop working to advance medicine that improves health care.  One way we do so is through our clinical studies, which explore new drugs, therapies, medical devices and clinical and surgical methods. We are always looking for volunteers to participate.

A clinical trial may offer you or a family member an experimental therapy for a disease that hasn’t responded to previously prescribed therapies. Additionally, some of our studies involve healthy patients and seek to improve knowledge of diseases and treatments that can help today’s patients and future generations.