Accomplishments During COVID-19


During the COVID-19 pandemic, starting in March 2020, we persisted and completed many personal and professional tasks.

  • Graduated in a pandemic
  • Got a biorepository project up and running
  • Survived Step 1 exam
  • Tried as best as possible to be a good partner and a good mom
  • Kept a closet organized for 11 months
  • Wrote a K that did not get funded (yet), received a first grant but not second- still proud of the work
  • Got accepted into medical school
  • Whittled a spoon
  • Miraculously still married and the kids are (for the most part) still happy and healthy
  • Learned research skills: coded qualitative data on Dedoose, coded in R, grant management, RedCap, eIRB submissions, launched studies
  • Actually got work done from home
  • Learned to make a mean panang curry
  • Hired a wonderful, bright RA
  • Finished my masters
  • Bought a house
  • Adjusted living back at home
  • Started PhD program
  • Rekindled some important friendships in the wake of tragedy
  • Started snowshoeing
  • Moved a family member into a community care setting
  • Joined a competitive dance team and our team won 3rd place in a virtual competition
  • Published over 40 articles

Things we missed doing

  • Fresh air in my lungs
  • Movie nights 
  • Karaoke 
  • Milk buns from Chinatown
  • Hugs
  • Lipstick
  • Proper graduation 
  • Seeing family
  • Bubble tea 
  • Holding friends’ babies 
  • Sitting in a noisy crowded restaurant 
  • Ultimate frisbee