Cardiac Surgery

Offering world-class cardiac care in a family-friendly environment

Tufts Medical Center offers world-class cardiac care in an environment where you can expect to be treated as a valued patient with personalized attention. Our surgeons are among the most experienced in New England and offer the latest therapies and surgical capabilities with exceptional outcomes. We do more heart transplants than any other hospital in New England, and we are a leader in mechanical circulatory support and surgical treatment of complex cardiomyopathies (heart muscle disease). We pride ourselves not only in our outcomes, highly specialized services, and leading-edge research but also in the warm, highly personalized care we provide to patients and their families.

Top Rated

Our surgeons and specialists are some of the best in the field, regularly listed on US News and World Report and Boston magazine’s “top docs.”

You will find a full array of options at our center, from conventional open heart surgery to minimally invasive surgical approaches, to catheter-based procedures, to highly-specialized correction of complex valvular, structural, and heart muscle disease.

Our specialists are also at the forefront of research in the field, giving our patients access to some of the newest and best cardiac procedures and devices available.

Of note:

  • Our surgeons were one of the first to implant the new HeartWare® ventricular assist device, the latest FDA-approved device to support patients with end-stage heart failure, for which we were the only investigational site in New England.
  • We are also a national leader in treating Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM; a genetic form of heart muscle disease). We have the largest HCM program in the region and only one of 4, nation-wide, to receive the highest rating from the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association. Our surgeons perform more corrective operations for this condition (septal myectomies) than any other hospital in the region.
  • We are helping to pioneer less invasive ways of replacing and repairing damaged heart valves, through catheters, instead of open heart surgery.

What to expect

Your first step is making an appointment – either directly or through your primary physician or cardiologist. We pride ourselves in our approach of open and firm collaboration with physicians throughout the community. We are always open for new patients and can offer consultation appointments within a week.

Our team is multidisciplinary in the truest sense of the word, including surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, nurse specialists, and physician's assistants.  Our specialists will work closely with you and your family, developing a care plan for medical treatment or surgery and preparation for the recovery afterwards. Family members are both welcomed and encouraged to participate throughout the process, from the initial meeting to recovery.


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Hassan Rastegar, MD, Senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Tufts Medical Center; Philip Carpino, Chief Physician Assistant at Tufts Medical Center; and Catherine Craig, RN, Clinical Service Leader at Tufts Medical Center, participate in the 500th heart transplant at Tufts MC on June 6, 2018.

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